In the second half of the twentieth century various National and International Societies and other groups around the world start to organize meetings devoted to Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology.

In 1969 The Societas Internationalis pro Diagnostica in Ophtalmologia, SIDUO organized its Third International Symposium in Vienna, and an International Congress on Diagnostic Ultrasound was included in this Symposium.

Based upon efforts to expand the cooperation on an international basis it was decided to create a non-profit scientific organization as a Federation of Organizations with interest in Diagnostic Ultrasound.

A Working Committee adopted by SIDUO and chaired by Dr. Vlieger, member of SIDUO and president of EFSUMB, Netherlands, Dr. Brown, USA, Dr. Wagai, Japan, Dr. Oksale, Finland, Dr. Kossoff, Australia and Dr. White, USA was formed and a constitution for the Federation, now called the World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, WFUMB was formulated. Dr. Vlieger was the President.

The Constitution of WFUMB was adopted in 1973, took effect in 1988 and was revised in 1997. In 1973 Dr. Baum, ophtalmologist and Past-President of AIUM became President.